Year: 2010

Conservative council refuses to fill pot holes

Local Lib Dems were horrified recently when the council started refusing to fill some pot holes. If the pothole is not of a certain size the council will not repair it – they will just monitor it! This short term attitude has been condended by the local residents and experts alike. Experts say that it […]


Let’s make Lower Road safer for pedestrian’s

Cllr Mandy Brar (pictured) is supporting local resident, Sharon Price, in her campaign for a safe pedestrian crossing on Lower Road.  162 local residents signed the petition for a safe pedestrian crossing.  The Lower Road route is used a lot by school children and parents, as well as patients for the medical centre, customers for […]


Save Clarence Road Day Centre

Local Lib Dems fight to keep King George VI Day Centre in Clarence Road Open Local pensioners have been disappointed by the Council Conservatives decision to not give a grant to keep the King George VI Day Centre open. These day centres provide a lifeline for elderly people both physically, in ensuring they get the […]


Follow Riverside and Belmont TVP on twitter

Riverside and Belmont police team can be followed on Twitter. I have just signed up to a Twitter account to follow them. Follow this link. The Tweets will inform you of a variety of things including – updates regarding incidents, operations which have taken place, arrests, crime prevention advice and how to contact your team.


Car parking prices are not working

Less than a third of the way through the council’s financial year, it is obvious to the LibDems that the Tories’s car parking polices are not working. Cllr Kathy Newbound, LibDem Group Deputy Leader said, “The council’s income is well below what was predicted. Latest figures suggest the shortfall could be as much as £150,000. […]


Garden in Bloom winner and runner up

These are the pictures of the winning gardens. Don’t they look wonderful. You can see how much love and hard work go in to them!

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