Joshua Reynolds

Introducing the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Maidenhead.

Born and raised in Maidenhead and now a Lib Dem councillor for Furze Platt, Joshua Reynolds is dedicated to safeguarding the town, its surrounding villages and greenbelt for future generations to enjoy, and building a fairer, more tolerant society where people feel safe to be who they are — regardless of where they come from, what they believe, or who they love.

Social Justice and Mental Health

Joshua is an outspoken campaigner for social justice, who wants to see considerably more affordable housing in the Maidenhead constituency, particularly social housing. Joshua would also like to see a much bigger emphasis placed on supporting people with mental health issues as part of a wider investment in the NHS. 

Joshua says, “Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. The sooner we get help to those who need it, the better, but waiting times for young people trying to access mental health support are appalling with some waiting years.”


The ex-pupil of Furze Platt Senior School, one of Maidenhead’s six excellent comprehensives, believes strongly that the best way to encourage social mobility is through a serious investment in our education system — from early years all the way through to KS4 — and providing equal opportunities for all. He will fight to ensure all our schools have the funding they need.

The Environment

As a borough councillor, Joshua voted to declare a climate emergency. He believes that this declaration must be backed up with real action, and that means a fundamental change in the way we approach everything — from planning and infrastructure to procurement to tree planting. He is opposed to the third runway at Heathrow.

Joshua will fight to protect the Maidenhead constituency’s green lungs, and oppose unsuitable developments in the Green Belt, particularly where they threaten to join up our unique villages into one giant metropolis.

The UK and its Relationship with Europe

Residents of Windsor and Maidenhead who voted resoundingly to stay in Europe were abandoned by their MPs after the referendum. Joshua believes we are stronger within Europe, and will campaign for a close relationship with our European allies.

L-R: Arron Chahal (Slough), Joshua Reynolds (Maidenhead), Rob Castell (Beaconsfield), Julian Tisi (Windsor).
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