Cost of living crisis

“With the cost of living crisis hitting hard the council is not doing enough to help support our residents,” says Joshua Reynolds.

Residents of Maidenhead are facing the worst living standard plunge since the 1950s. With energy prices rising dramatically at the beginning of April and set to rise again in October, many people are really struggling.
Food prices are on the up, the Government are increasing our taxes and inflation is up and the last Conservative mini-budget in March does little to help.
This is the time when the Borough Council needs to step up and support local residents.

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Cost of living survey

Food and fuel

Has your food shop become more expensive over the past year?

If YES how much on average has your weekly shop increased by?
Have you had to cut back on your food shopping due to the rising problems?
On average, how much more do you spend each time you fill up, compared to a year ago?

Your energy bills

Have you been affected by the decision by the Government to increase the energy price cap?

Are you using less heating in your house as a result of the increase?
Have you considered any of the following since the price increases?
Nationally the Lib Demsare campaigning for an emergency cut in VAT on energy bills. Do you support the cut?

Tax, Pensions and Universal Credit

Have you been affected by the Government's £20 Universal Credit cut

Have you been affected by the Government's 1.25% National Insurance increase?
Have you been affected by the cap on pension rises in April?

Your views

Which parties are you most likely to vote for in the local elections? (you can tick more than one)

Which parties are you most likely to vote for in a General Election? (you can tick more than one)

We also thought it would be useful to share a few sites that can offer help to you if you are struggling – we hope you find it useful

Money Saving Expert – Cost of living survival kit (90 ways to save):

Turn2Us benefits calculator:

Citizens Advice Budgeting tool:

MSE Mental Health and Debt 2022 (a really helpful guide for anyone stuck in the viscous circle of debt and mental health issues):

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