Fighting for St Marks Hospital

The Urgent Care Centre at St Marks Hospital remains closed and there are currently no plans for it to reopen.

The Centre, which was providing walk-in diagnosis and treatment for minor injuries and ailments, was understandably closed throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns.

However, whilst many others have now been reopened, including in Bracknell and Wycombe, our Maidenhead Centre is staying shut.

Please do join our campaign to fight for St Marks Hospital.
With a rapidly increasing population over the next few years, we should be expanding the facilities offered at St Marks, not reducing them.

Twenty years ago the local Lib Dems battled to bring the Urgent Care Centre to Maidenhead and will continue to fight hard now to keep it.

Also, in the Borough Local Plan, NHS Property Services has proposed selling off part of St Marks Hospital site to be turned into flats leaving serious questions about the viability of the hospital.

Responding to concerns raised by several residents, local Liberal Democrats made a Freedom of Information Request to the NHS body responsible for the Centre. This revealed that a consultation may soon be launched into proposals to make the closure permanent.

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