Joshua Reynolds

Introducing the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Maidenhead.

Time for a fresh start

Later this year. the UK will go to the polls in a General Election. And here in Maidenhead, the choice before local people is clear. Either we’ll have more of the same with a Conservative MP, who will take our area for granted when they vote in Parliament while the Conservative Party continues to fight amongst themselves. Or we can get real change – and a fresh start for Maidenhead – with Josh Reynolds as our new MP.

Josh Reynolds has lived here all his life

Josh is born and brought up in Maidenhead and can be trusted to stand up for our area. Josh is at the heart of our community – he knows first hand what damage consecutive Conservative governments have done here.

Josh Reynolds is a strong local champion

As a local councillor, Josh has campaigned on local issues such as the restoration of NHS Walk-in urgent care services, free school meals during the school holidays and the water companies’ appalling record on river pollution.

A fair deal for our schools

Josh Reynolds has always been passionate about education. He successfully lobbied the council to secure holiday food vouchers for children receiving free school meals during Covid following the campaign by Marcus Rashford.

Josh said, “Being brought up in Maidenhead, I know what an amazing education I received in our fabulous schools. I was at Furze Platt Senior, but any of the schools in Maidenhead give a first-class education – we are so lucky here. “But it is true that there is a major problem of a backlog of repairs in many of our schools, and a real problem with funding which needs to be fixed.

“The Lib Dem schools’ plan will fix many of the issues that the Government has consistently failed to deal with, letting down children and parents. They have also failed to grasp the scale of the damage that the pandemic has done to children’s learning and mental health.

“I will make sure we invest in education, starting in the crucial early years and continuing throughout adulthood. We want every child to get the support and attention they need at school, so they leave with the skills, confidence and resilience to be happy and successful whatever they choose to do next.”

Time to fix our Health Service

Local health campaigner Josh Reynolds is continuing his mission to support the NHS. “Our NHS is under so much pressure, and its hardworking staff have been let down. They need the support of their MP to deal with the growing demands for their help,” said Josh. “Waiting times to see a GP are going up and with all the new dwellings being built that were approved by the previous Conservative council, more GPs are desperately needed in this area.”

“I am supporting the Liberal Democrat campaign calling for the recruitment of 8,000 new GPs to help reduce waiting times, and I am continuing my campaign to further improve the offer at St Marks Hospital. “St Marks Hospital is certainly improving with the same day appointment at the Urgent Care Centre and the improved telephone service, but I would also like to see a Walk-in introduced there.”

“Our NHS is under so much pressure, and its hardworking staff have been let down. We need an MP who will fight for the improvements that are so desperately needed.”

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