Stop the sewage

Water companies pumped sewage into our rivers and seas more than 1 million times over the past three years, including our local supplier Thames Water who fouled the water over 30,000 times.

The sewage not only comes down the Thames where it is released at multiple sites including Henley, it is even released into the Cut in North Bracknell which then joins the Maidenhead Waterway in Bray.

Water companies need to clean up their own mess and stop dumping sewage in our water.

The Conservatives are letting them get away with it and want taxpayers to pay to fix the problem. Theresa May actually voted for this sewage release to continue.

It’s time for sewage tax on £2.2 billion water company annual profits, a ban on water company executive bonuses, and it’s time for the Government to start dealing with this issue properly. 

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