Maidenhead Deserves Better

Local residents have been shocked by the continued deterioration of Maidenhead town centre and the failure of so many plans that are announced and then promptly disappear.

Now, Maidenhead Liberal Democrats are launching their five tests to assess whether plans for the town centre meet the aspirations of local residents. This follows extensive consultations with local residents over the last few years about what they want for their town centre.

TEST 1 Does Maidenhead have a mixed town centre environment with a significant anchor store (like a department store) and quality independent shops?

TEST 2 Does Maidenhead have excellent transport links with a bus/rail interchange, good quality bicycle and foot access, and adequate public car parking for shoppers?

TEST 3 Are at least 50% of the flats truly affordable to people on average salaries for buying or renting?

TEST 4 Does Maidenhead town centre have a wide range of restaurants and leisure facilities which builds on the Borough’s twin reputation as both a foodie destination and an Olympic venue?

TEST 5 Is Maidenhead town centre a leader in Sustainability across the area — with electric car charging points, support for biodiversity and low-carbon initiatives?

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