Don’t let Norden Farm become just a “Hall for Hire”

Cuts to the grant to Norden Farm by the council over two years will lead to the end of Norden Farm as we know it. 

Worryingly, at a recent meeting, the Chief Executive of Norden Farm said, “If funding disappears completely Norden farm will be a different place for sure. One immediate difference you’ll see is we will only be open to the public half the week.”

She said the venue would become a ‘hall for hire’, and continued that the team will do ‘everything we can’ to make sure the doors stay open so the site doesn’t become ‘another supermarket or block of flats’. The grant has been halved this year and next year is set to disappear completely.

We are fighting hard to persuade the council to reverse the decision and renew the grant. Please do sign up to join our campaign to

Reverse the cuts to Norden Farm

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