Our Community Survey

We would love you hear your views about how we can protect and improve our neighbourhood and our community as we begin to emerge from lockdown.

It has been amazing to see the community spirit that has taken us through the Covid crisis, but also worrying to see so many great community assets at risk from cuts being made by the council.

Please do let us know what you think!

Our Community Survey
Are you happy with the performance of the Borough Council?
Is the Council doing enough to reduce carbon emissions in the Borough?
The Conservative councillors forced through the Borough Local Plan which will mean building on the green belt - including in Cookham, Cox Green and Furze Platt - as well on the Golf Course. Do you agree with this plan?
What are you concerned about most when it comes to crime in our area?
The local Lib Dems started the Community Warden scheme. Would you like to see more Community Wardens on the streets?
The council has started charging residents for parking outside their homes in residents parking zones. Do you agree with this?
The council has got rid of the residents discount for parking in the town centre. Would you like to see a residents discount reintroduced?
Do you think the council is on track for a vibrant and lively town centre?
What would make you more likely to use the town centre after lockdown?
Who are you most likely to vote for in a Local Election? Please tick those most likely

The Liberal Democrats will use your contact details to send you information about these and other similar issues. Any data we gather will be used in accordance with our privacy policy at http://www.libdems.org.uk/privacy. To exercise your legal data rights, email: data.protection@libdems.org.uk.

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