Don’t charge residents to go to the park!

The Conservatives are planning to introduce charges in out of town centre car parks across the Borough — particularly car parks that serve children’s play grounds. Anyone who has witnessed the parking debacle at St Mark’s Hospital will know what a terrible idea that is — empty car parks and congested streets will soon be followed by pleas for resident parking schemes. And guess what? They’re going to charge for those too. So please fill in your details and join our campaign where:

We demand that the council does not charge for these out-of-town car parks that are so important for our community.

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Here are the locations impacted in Maidenhead and surrounding villages.

  • Oaken Grove, Pinkneys Green and Furze Platt
  • Sutton Road, Cookham
  • Desborough Park (the Croft), Oldfield
  • Guards Club Open Space, St Mary’s
  • High Street, Hurley

Daily chaos for residents

The Tories want people to pay for parking even during the school rush hour. So instead of parking safely in a car park, parents will be forced out onto the roads, increasing congestion in streets that are already heaving with traffic and making for a hazardous walk to school.

And there’ll be no respite for local residents who will face chaos eight+ hours a day, seven days a week during the warmer months.

Discriminatory charging schemes

For those who are willing to pay, perhaps because they have mobility issues but don’t qualify for a blue badge, the only option is to use a smartphone app. Not everybody has or wants a smartphone, and this is going to be a particular issue for older residents.

Say ‘no’ to the Tory war of attrition on residents

This is the latest attempt to claw back money from residents to compensate for poor financial governance and year-on-year tax giveaways from the Conservatives, and ultimately, residents are the ones to suffer.

If like us, you think enough is enough, please sign the petition and join our campaign to keep our parks free for residents to use.

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