Resident Parking Permits

The council is short of money and in February decided to introduce charges for residents’ permits:

  • £50 first car
  • £70 second car
  • £100 further cars

The charges were due to start from July for all permit holders, regardless of the expiry date of their current free permit.

The Lib Dems opposed these charges in the council.

A challenge by local Lib Dems, led by Maidenhead’s Adam Bermange and Windsor’s Cllr Amy Tisi (Clewer East), to the legality of the way in which these charges were introduced by the council means that local people now won’t have to pay for a residents parking permit until their current free permit runs out; however, these charges are still being introduced.

Until 2013 residents’ parking permits were charged at £20 first car / £40 the second car.

In 2013 the council made residents’ permits free.

Only last May local Conservatives were still saying, “We do not believe you should pay your council tax and then have to pay to park outside your house.”

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