Car parking prices are not working

Less than a third of the way through the council’s financial year, it is obvious to the LibDems that the Tories’s car parking polices are not working.
Cllr Kathy Newbound, LibDem Group Deputy Leader said, “The council’s income is well below what was predicted.
Latest figures suggest the shortfall could be as much as £150,000. It is clear that the current prices are stopping motorists from coming into, and staying in our main towns. No wonder the shopkeepers are worried about the future of their business. ”

Last year in June 2009, the LibDems suggested a cheap short term parking price was needed.

Cllr Kathy Newbound added, “Luckily the Tories listened and a stay of half an hour in the regular car park can now cost as little as 40p. It is now imperative that other initiatives are taken. The LibDems have, this month July 2010, suggested that a fudemential review is taken, including looking at where car park prices are high compared to other local centres. We hope that a review will be done speedily so that car park prices are soon altered to levels that motorists are willing to pay. The future of our town centres, in this economic climate, needs decisive action. “

Car parking prices are not working

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