Save Clarence Road Day Centre

King George VI Day Centre

Local Lib Dems fight to keep King George VI Day Centre in Clarence Road Open

Local pensioners have been disappointed by the Council Conservatives decision to not give a grant to keep the King George VI Day Centre open.

These day centres provide a lifeline for elderly people both physically, in ensuring they get the occasional freshly-cooked and well-balanced meal and mentally, in providing a place for social interaction.

Windsor Lib Dems have taken up the challenge to help Louise and her team to keep the Day Centre running:

· Two local pubs have already agreed to keep collection boxes for WOPWA on their counters – more are needed.

· We will help to raise funding from a local charitable foundation.

· We will assist with publicity to increase the membership, there’s room for 100 at lunch (it’s only £10 a year, anyone over 57 can join and “they do the best lunches” according to our friend).

· We will join Louise in asking local people to donate Recyclebank points to WOPWA (Registered Charity No. 203625).

Local camapigner Pat Gare said, “We all get old eventually – please help us to support our local Day Centre.”

Save Clarence Road Day Centre

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