Cookham Rise – Strong team chosen for Parish Council

Nine candidates have been chosen to stand in Cookham Rise on May 5th. Liberal democrats are delighted that such a strong field of candidates can be offered to the electors and Cookham as we vote to form our next Cookham parish council.

Mike Barnes  –  Mandy Brar  –  Pat Brockwell   Martin Coker  –  Fiona Hewer  –  Ian Garrard     Carol Long  –  Gwen Tyler  –  Mike Wellman

Between them, the Liberal Democrat candidates represent a very valuable blend of experience as councillors, professional and work backgrounds, and particular interests that will serve Cookham well.

Liberal democrats will
•    listen to residents and work to achieve what residents want (LibDems currently work on more Parish Council sub committees),

•    continue to work to protect the Green Belt from development, and

•    oppose the Conservative’s toll on Cookham Bridge because it will cause congestion, increase pollution and harm local retail trade.

We are proud to introduce, standing for the first time, Cookham Rise residents Ian Garrard, Carol Long and Gwen Tyler. They all love living in Cookham and Ian, Gwen and Carol are willing to serve on the parish council to help maintain our village.

We are also delighted that Mike Barnes, Mandy Brar, Pat Brockwell, Martin Coker, Fiona Hewer, and Mike Wellman who have already served as parish councillors, are standing again. They have actively worked for better transport, pedestrian routes in Cookham, worked on crime prevention, and are dedicated to maintaining Cookham as village which all love to live in.

But, their most valuable qualification is that all the candidates have already made themselves available for discussion with the people of Cookham, through Parish Council work, or on doorsteps as they campaign for office, or directly through the work they do.

Cookham Rise – Strong team chosen for Parish Council

One thought on “Cookham Rise – Strong team chosen for Parish Council

  1. Good luck to the team, I really hope all your hard work pays off and Cookham gets to be served by such dedicated people.

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