Fire Station Victory for Residents

Following a strong response to the Fire Authority Risk Management Plan Consultation regarding Windsor Fire Station, the Fire Authority has said it will try to come forward with new plans to keep a Full Size Fire Engine for Windsor, according to the Windsor Express.

The Express story published on their website today, Friday 13th January 2012 quotes Fire Authority chief Mr Southern as saying:
“This goes to show that consultation does work.
“The consultation responses showed that people wanted a larger appliance. This must not mean a budget change that would impact on services in the rest of the county, so we are working on an action plan for a larger appliance that will meet all requirements.”

The article gives no indication as to the future of the St Mark’s Road Fire Station, so local Liberal Democrats have laid down an FOI request with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service to clarify their plans for the Fire Station.

Just before Christmas local Lib Dems distributed the best part of 10,000 leaflets to residents in Windsor to let them know the consultation was going on and outlining the proposals to move from the daytime only full sized Fire Engine which Windsor has had since October to the Royal Borough and Fire Authority’s joint proposal for a 24 hour mini Fire Engine based in Slough, but forward deployed to Windsor most of the time.

“We’d just like to say thank you to everyone who replied to the consultation in defence of the Fire Station,”
says Lib Dem Campaigner Moray Barclay, “clearly together we have had some impact with the Fire Authority.”

Liberal Democrats in Windsor remain committed to securing our 3 goals for Windsor’s fire services:

A Full Size Fire Appliance
24 hour cover
A Proper Fire Station in Windsor

It is clear that many details remain to be finalised – particularly given the caveat that no extra funds will be committed that adversely affect the rest of Berkshire.

Fire Station Victory for Residents

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