Helping vulnerable residents to ‘heat and eat’

The Lib Dems in Government have made sure the Borough has an extra £54,000 to help vulnerable residents facing the dilemma of ‘heating or eating’.

The money will be put towards a range of projects and events, including:
■a training and networking event for organisations whose work brings them into contact with vulnerable residents/families
■advice and a goody bag containing tips on keeping warm, how to get a home energy check and other practical ways of ensuring winter wellbeing
■electric blanket testing/replacement with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service
■working with Open Kitchen’s Foodshare project focusing on residents who rely on their help
■promoting the importance of warm slippers which links with the sloppy slipper swop campaigns and falls prevention
■a store cupboard leaflet and promotion and how to eat well on a budget
■practical help and advice on switching energy suppliers, setting up direct debits or changing from a key meter
■thermometers to help monitor internal room temperatures and know when to take action.

During this period of exceptionally cold weather it is vital that we look out for our more vulnerable residents. It is shocking in this day and age that families and older people have to make decisions about whether to ‘eat or heat.

This is the Lib Dems in action – helping our vulnerable residents.

Helping vulnerable residents to ‘heat and eat’

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