Schemes for free cavity wall and loft insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

It makes sense to keep the heat that you have paid for inside your home, and insulation is one of the most cost effective measures you can do to reduce your bills. Your walls lose up to 35% of the heat in your home and the loft loses up to 25%. If your home was built after the mid 1930s you probably have cavity walls.

“I recently had the insulation done on my house,” said Simon Werner. “It only took a couple of hours and guy that came to do the work was really polite.”

“I am looking forward to seeing my fuel bills drop over this Winter! They have been going up and up over the last couple of years”

The Borough Council is working with Crest Surveying to offer discounted loft and cavity wall insulation. Please call freephone on 0800 567 7474 for the latest prices. Cavity wall and loft insulation is now free to all residents. The only criteria is that you have 60mm or less of loft insulation for a free top up. Cavity wall insulation is free for all.

All of the main energy suppliers have discount insulation schemes, the prices vary so call their number for a quote. They will refer you for a free no obligation survey, if you are happy with the quote they will give you an approximate date for install.

Schemes for free cavity wall and loft insulation

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