Flooding update

Footpath gate into flooded field
Widbrook Common, Cookham from Maidenhead

All along the River Thames the flooding situation which began before Christmas is deteriorating.  The Environment Agency has declared Flood Warnings, meaning properties are expected to flood, in Hurley, Bisham, Cookham and things are so bad in Wraysbury, Old Windsor and Datchet that Severe Flood Warnings, indicating danger to life, have been issued.  In between on the River Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor and Eton including Bray and Dorney we are warned to be prepared by an EA Flood Alert.

The last major flood in the borough was in 2003, but the EA are predicting that next week will be worse than that.  It will be many days before closed roads, such as the A4094 between Cookham and Maidenhead (see photo) are open again.

Our Community Wardens, Police and other services are working hard to help us through.  Community volunteers are also stepping up to help.  In Cookham Village, cut off by road again since Saturday 8th, community volunteers have come together through Holy Trinity church to fetch shopping and emergency supplies for anyone who needs it. It is reassuring to know that help and support is there.

Further information and support:

EA Flood Warnings – http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/34678.aspx?page=1&type=RiverAndTown&term=thames

EA Floodline  – 0345 988 1188  and 0845 988 1188

Flooding update

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