Bisham & Cookham election results

Eight LibDems elected to Cookham Parish Council

Congratulations are due to Mike Barnes, Mandy Brar, Eileen Bune, Martin Coker, Christine Doyle, Fiona Hewer, Andrew Nye and Laura Tull for winning seats on Cookham Parish Council.  Cookham Rise voters turned out in high numbers, alongside the General and Borough votes, to make their choices known.  Thank you for your votes. New councillors Eileen, Christine, Andrew and Laura reinvigorate the Council with fresh approaches and they will be supported by ‘old hands’ Mike Barnes, Mandy, Fiona and Martin.  We will all work together with the whole Council to get the best for our lovely village.

And at the Borough Council ….

Mandy Brar achieved an impressive result, bucking the trend, and increasing her share of the vote.  New candidates Fiona Hewer and Andrew Nye are happy to have been able to give voters a Liberal choice. “Thank you to everyone who gave us their vote” says Mandy Brar, “and also to all the people who helped with our campaign”.

Fiona Hewer says, “I feel quite proud to have cracked 1,000 votes and although I didn’t make it on to the borough council, I look forward to working with Mandy and Andrew on the parish council.”

Here are the full results (turnout 77.7%).

Brar Mandy Liberal Democrats 1584
Clark Gerry Conservative Party Candidate 2180 Elected
Collisson Jane Labour Party 314
Hewer Fiona Liberal Democrats 1044
Kellaway Richard James Conservative Party Candidate 2255 Elected
Lee Graham Paul Labour Party 256
Nye Andrew Liberal Democrats 793
Penston Richard John Labour Party 296
Saunders MJ Conservative Party Candidate 1995 Elected
Bisham & Cookham election results

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