Conservatives make Mayor a political role

Local Lib Dems have slammed plans by the Conservative Council to politicize the role of the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Popular former Mayor Kathy Newbound says, “Although the Mayor has a role in representing the council , it is very important that this is separate from party politics. The Mayor was always expected to carry out duties without getting involved in politics.”

In the new Communications Plan published by the Royal Borough it says that they will align the Mayor’s key work with the Conservative council’s key objectives and to produce press releases involving the Mayor to promote the Conservatives top messages.

Councillor Simon Werner says, “The Mayor has always been a non-political figure who rises about the melee of party politics. It is so disappointing that the Conservatives want to change this in to a political role.”

The Communication Plan says$FILE/meetings_150625_cab_comms_appx1.pdf

6. Supporting the Mayor

The Mayor is perhaps our greatest ambassador, at a non-political level, promoting the Royal Borough locally, nationally and internationally. The Mayor is also a tangible and productive link between the council and the borough’s range of community and charitable organisations. The communications and marketing team will put the Mayor at the heart of our communications and we will strengthen our communications and marketing around their work.

To promote the work of the Mayor and support his or her work we will, for example:

 Align the Mayor’s key work through the diary dates, social media channel and ATRB with the council’s key objectives

 Produce press releases relating to our marketing campaigns and top level messages.

 Continue to promote the recruitment of volunteers who will help with Mayoral open days.

Conservatives make Mayor a political role

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