Council lack ambition with proposed new Leisure Centre

Local Lib Dem Councillor Simon Werner has condemned the proposals for the new leisure centre as lacking in ambition.

He says, “It is obviously fantastic that we are getting a new updated leisure centre. The old one is 42 years old so it does need significant renewing.”

“I am however disappointed by the lack of imagination that is going in to the new centre. Apart from a slightly bigger swimming pool and some investment in the gym, there is nothing new and exciting being considered. What about a full length pool, or a diving pool for instance?
“And don’t forget under the current plans we are losing the ten pin bowling and the shooting range unless they can find alternative homes.
Local Lib Dems have also raised the problem of the location of the centre which will only really be accessible by car.
“The Town Centre is the hub of the community – all routes lead to the town centre. However when it is moved the edge of the town – it will not only take away a significant draw to local people to come to the town centre, but will make it more difficult and more expensive for others to get there.”
“A huge amount of money will come to the council for the sale of the current site this should be invested in creating an outstanding new home.”
“Please make sure you respond to the council’s consultation with your suggestions of what improvements you would like to see – like a full size swimming pool. And also comment on the location if you can.”
Comments can be sent to until Friday, December 30. Alternatively, written suggestions can be sent to Community Services, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

Council lack ambition with proposed new Leisure Centre

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