Carbon Footprint of new textile recycling vehicle unacceptable

A new recycling scheme launched by the Borough Council may well be doing more harm than good say local Lib Dems.

The new textile collection is currently picking up around 200 bags a week of textiles – but to do it, one of the lorries is travelling along every single road in the Borough every single week.

Lib Dem Cllr Simon Werner says, “The scheme had originally involved collecting the textiles on the recycling vehicles that were travelling the routes anyway – that was a sensible scheme.”

“By having a vehicle doing this every week just to pick up the textiles is ridiculous! Just think of the carbon footprint of this collection service – and to only pick up 200 bags for recycling.”

When challenged about this strange decision at the Sustainability Panel, the council said that this was only a temporary solution for 6 months – and that after the 6 months they intended to collect the textiles in the vehicles that collected the rest of the recycling.

Cllr Simon Werner continued, “Textile recycling is so important – but if the scheme was not ready to go for six months – they should have waited rather than introducing this ridiculous solution.”

Carbon Footprint of new textile recycling vehicle unacceptable

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