Why can’t the council fix potholes properly?

Local residents are increasingly asking themselves why the council can’t fix potholes properly.

Local Lib Dem Clive Baskerville said, “When the Lib Dems ran the council we quickly realized that often when road repairs were carried out, the underlying problems were not resolved.

“The key was finding out quickly where problems were and getting them fixed before they became worse.”

“For instance, a road in Pinkneys Green has been repaired almost every year since 2010. However, there is an underlying drainage problem that is never sorted out. This means that in the winter the rain and ice just sit on the road and break up the surface – meaning it needs to be repaired each year.

“If we were running the council we would make sure that the underlying problems were sorted out, like drainage issues.

“So the roads would be fixed first time, every time.”

A StreetCare email address and telephone number were also set up by the Lib Dems at the council, to make sure potholes, and other issues like fly tipping and graffiti, were sorted out quickly.

Simon Bond said, “It is really important to get these things reported quickly. Fixing a small pothole straight away is much more economic than leaving it until it becomes a major problem.”

Why can’t the council fix potholes properly?

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