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Lib Dems announce £10m plan to recruit new Sewage Inspectors after sewage dumped 28 times in 2023 in Maidenhead

New Liberal Democrat plan for “Sewage-busters” to crack down on water pollution across Maidenhead. New funding worth £10 million to boost the proposed new water regulator, the Clean Water Authority, to enhance environmental protection. Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Maidenhead says this “ambitious plan of oversight” would save waterways in Maidenhead. The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to increase the […]

Lib Dems set out legal right to timely cancer care as figures show 1,112 patients in the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust area waiting more than two months to start treatment.

The Liberal Democrats have called for a new legal right for cancer patients to start treatment within 62 days of an urgent referral, as part of a plan to boost survival rates and improve treatment for those affected by the disease.The latest NHS figures show that, in the last year, over 100,000 cancer patients in […]

Liberal Democrats call for protected status for rivers in Maidenhead after sewage dumped 28 times in 2023 

The Liberal Democrats have called for a new protected status for local rivers and marine protected areas, after shocking figures reveal that Thames Water dumped sewage 28 times in Maidenhead in 2023. Analysis of official data from the Environment Agency by the party shows that Thames Water discharged sewage in Maidenhead’s waterways for a staggering 258 hours in 2023. In an effort to tackle sewage […]

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