Tactical voting group says only Joshua Reynolds can beat the Conservatives in Maidenhead

The campaign group Best for Britain has released its tactical voting recommendations ahead of polling day on 4 July and confirmed what many local residents already know – Joshua Reynolds is best placed to beat the Conservatives in Maidenhead.

It comes as a new poll from Survation projects the Liberal Democrats snapping at the heels of the Conservative Party and poised to overtake them. 

The tactical voting group has said the Liberal Democrat candidate Joshua Reynolds is the clear favourite to win in Maidenhead and beat the Conservatives, and recommended people vote for them tactically at the General Election. 

The Liberal Democrats are picking up momentum in the campaign, with Joshua Reynolds campaigning for action on the cost of living crisis, to save our local NHS and to end the sewage scandal.

At this election, the Liberal Democrats are looking to win seats across the so-called ‘Blue Wall”, as lifelong Conservative voters desert Rishi Sunak’s party in their droves as the campaign continues. 

Liberal Democrat candidate for Maidenhead, Joshua Reynolds said:

“This election is neck and neck between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party. t’s clear the momentum is with us but we can only win if more people vote tactically to beat the Conservatives. 

“Many people have said they’re already voting tactically for the Lib Dems, now tactical voting leaders Best for Britain are saying that the Labour Party is out of the race and can’t win here. 

“After years of people struggling to get a GP appointment, soaring prices in the shops and our rivers being polluted by filthy sewage, people finally have the once-in-a-generation chance to vote for change in Maidenhead.”

Tactical voting group says only Joshua Reynolds can beat the Conservatives in Maidenhead
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