Don’t Delay Rail Upgrade!

Local Lib Dems call for Cookham and Furze Platt Branch Line Upgrade

Delays to plans for the electrification of the branch line from Maidenhead to Marlow could cause major problems for commuters.

This popular branch line passes through Cookham and Furze Platt and currently has direct services to and from Paddington – with no need to change at Maidenhead.

With Crossrail on its way and the electrification of the main line, these “straight through” trains cannot be guaranteed if the branch line is not upgraded as well.

Local Lib Dem and Parish Councillor Martin Coker said, “400 people travel direct from Cookham to Paddington every day. It is vital that plans for this line are not delayed. Please sign our on-line petition to keep the trains running.”

We, the undersigned, call on the Department for Transport to move ahead with the electrification scheme on the Cookham and Furze Platt Branch Line as soon as possible
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7 thoughts on “Don’t Delay Rail Upgrade!

    1. Electrification of the line should not be delayed for Cookham Commuters – this branch line is bringing in plenty of revenue and these customers should not pay the price for any delays

  1. This will have a massive impact on everyone from Marlow to Maidenhead. Its doubtful anyone will get a seat on crossrail trains from Maidenhead and will make trips to London harder, especially at peak times, if travelling with children, or for anyone who needs a seat. Support the campaign. You pay the fare, you deserve the service.

  2. A very well used branch line with many commuters needs all the support, and seats, it can get.

  3. I have been commuting in to London for the last 7 years and the line is busier with commuters and schoolkids than it was. With the changing demographic of more and more commuters from our area due to greater London houseprices, better schools and the coming of crossrail, I expect the volume of commuters only to increase for the branch line. Not upgrading the Maidenhead-Bourne branch line as part of the wider project does not make sense from long term planning perspective as a) syngeries and efficiencies will be lost from a project standpoint and ii) maintaining one isolated piece of ol rolling stock will lead to higher costs, less efficiencies and worse performance.

  4. I agree with all the above comments.
    I would also emphasise that unless we as a Community ensure this Marlow Branch line is electrified ASAP in conjunction with the building of Crossrail, there may well be the strong possibiilty this line will no longer be considered viable by Network Rail and closed.

  5. The Marlow to Maidenhead branch lane is well supported and the demand can only increase once cross-rail is operating and the surrounding population increases. We are encouraged to use the train rather than the car and this branch line provides an excellent service to and from Maidenhead and onto London for many people and school children.
    If electrification of the line helps to keep the line operating, then it should be progressed as soon as possible.

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