Budget 21/22 — Cllr Catherine del Campo’s speech to Full Council

We may not know exactly what our towns and communities are going to look like post pandemic, but for certain, they will be different. Less emphasis on retail, more emphasis on places where people can meet, connect, eat, drink, learn and share ideas. Places where people can overcome loneliness — something that’s particularly acute right now. […]


There is another way to solve the council’s financial problems

Following years of financial mismanagement at the council, which left us with no reserves to meet the challenge of Covid, the Borough has entered a spiral of decline. Each year, the council is having to make cut after cut after cut just to stave off bankruptcy.  The council’s medium-term financial plan demonstrates this with cuts […]


Furze Platt update from Catherine and Joshua

Coronavirus After a month of lockdown, we have now emerged into Tier 2. From the Government’s coronavirus map, you can see high rates in nearby Slough, which is in Tier 3, and most of Maidenhead is coloured blue, with Furze Platt showing darker on the map. We should point out that the actual numbers in Furze […]


RBWM Liberal Democrat Response to the Climate Emergency Strategy Consultation

Cllr Karen Davies, shadow lead member for climate change and sustainability on behalf of the RBWM Lib Dem Group. We remain committed to an earlier target date for net zero carbon emissions in RBWM than the given 2050 date target aligned with current Government policy, which we believe must evolve rapidly anyway to avoid global warming in excess of 1.5%. We are grateful to the many […]


Cllr Gurch Singh

RBWM Liberal Democrats held an Executive meeting on the evening of 3rd August to consider the application of Cllr Gurch Singh (St. Mary’s) to join the national party. This meeting considered a report, prepared in strict adherence to the provisions of the Liberal Democrat constitution, which thoroughly examined all the accusations made against him by the […]


Is the climate emergency an issue for the Berkshire Pension Fund?

Since the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM) passed a climate emergency motion in 2019, questions about ‘what next’ have been asked. Some of the answers are in the draft Climate Strategy which is being debated at the full council meeting later in June 2020. I’ve been wondering whether this has any implications for […]

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