Local government pension fund and ‘net zero’

by Simon Bond The investment managers of the council’s pension fund have announced a commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The pension fund is part of the Berkshire Local Government Pension Fund. The investment managers also look after Lancashire Pension Fund and the London Pension Fund Authority. This means their commitment covers […]


“So-called climate change…”

by Simon Bond This quarter’s meeting of the committee that oversees the council’s pension fund was a classic case of steps forward and steps backward. On the positive side was consideration of policies on responsible investment and voting at company AGMs. For me the major disappointment was that the responsible investment policy presented was second-hand […]


Budget 21/22 — Cllr Amy Tisi’s speech to full council

The pandemic lockdowns have had a devastating effect on many people with disabilities, older people with dementia and their families. Constant uncertainty over when day services would reopen and the disruption to routines has had a huge impact on mental health. The impact of caring for relatives during the pandemic without respite should not be […]


Budget 21/22 — Cllr Gurch Singh’s speech to Full Council

“A Borough of Innovation and Opportunity”!  It’s a catchy slogan, and you plaster it everywhere! Apart from within your budget, where innovation is sorely lacking, and opportunity has been culled to the point of extinction. We have tried to contribute with fresh ideas, new thinking, a positive vision.  To date you have been closed and selfish, determined […]


Budget 21/22 — Cllr Simon Bond’s speech to Full Council

I’d like to pay tribute to the work of our community wardens. I’ve been on the Community Action Group for north Maidenhead for about ten years and been impressed by the depth of local knowledge of the wardens and the neighbourhood police – so essential for dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour. The wardens and […]


Budget 21/22 — Cllr Karen Davies’ speech to Full Council

This is a budget which contains eight pages of cuts, some of which may benefit the environment and some of which may lessen the borough’s capacity to address the climate emergency, yet there is no sense that either of these outcomes are central to their planning.  We are rapidly approaching two years since we unanimously declared […]

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