LibDems welcome U turn on voluntary groups

LibDems believe that it is essential if the Big Society is going to work then it needs to restore funding to local voluntary groups.

Cllr Kathy Newbound, LibDem Deputy Group Leader said, “This year the local Tories cut the funding for voluntary groups by a fifth. From £132,170 in their first year of office they have cut the monies to just £104,620 in this current year 2010/11.

“In the council chamber they have endlessly said it is possible to do more with less. We have outstanding voluntary organisations in this borough who have, for years, done a fantastic job for local people. The LibDems, in contrast, have felt that it is difficult to see how these voluntary organisations can do more with less money.”

“It seems that the local Tories have now realised that with less cash, groups cannot do more.
The Tory administration has, this month, agreed to become one of the four local authorities dealing with the Big Society Bank, which can fund social projects.”

“LibDems feel that the test if the new bank is going to work, will be that extra money speedily gets to our borough’s voluntary groups.”

LibDems welcome U turn on voluntary groups

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