Let’s make Lower Road safer for pedestrian’s

Cllr Mandy Brar (pictured) is supporting local resident, Sharon Price, in her campaign for a safe pedestrian crossing on Lower Road.  162 local residents signed the petition for a safe pedestrian crossing.  The Lower Road route is used a lot by school children and parents, as well as patients for the medical centre, customers for the Post Office and other Lower Road shops, and people walking to all the facilities around the station from Cookham Dean and parts of Cookham Rise.

Mandy Brar
Mandy wants a safe place for pedestrians to cross on Lower Road

Traffic speed and volume data showed, fortunately, that this is not one of the Borough’ most dangerous roads.  However, Cllr Fiona Hewer says “If we want to encourage people to walk more, so that congestion, pollution and parking problems are reduced, then we should give priority to schemes on popular routes like this that help pedestrians have safer and easier journeys.”

Borough officers presented several options for a crossing at a public meeting. 72% of the 47 residents who voted on the options, were in favour of a crossing somewhere on Lower Road.  “My personal view is that the raised platform option offers the best value for money” says Mandy “It’s time for the borough council to stop dithering and get on with it”.

Let’s make Lower Road safer for pedestrian’s

One thought on “Let’s make Lower Road safer for pedestrian’s

  1. It is now 18 months since two children were hit by cars on this road. It is a year since the first meeting held at the library where a large number of concerned residents made it clear we are not happy with the current situation on Lower Rd.
    We have signed petitions, filled in surveys and attended meetings. I understand it takes considerable tenacity on behalf of the public to facilitate change; my concern is that we are simply being ignored.
    Is there any intention to make Lower Rd safer or will the matter continue to be debated endlessly in the hope that we will give up?
    Who is the ultimate decision-maker on this matter? Why have they not explained to us, the residents, what will or can happen and what measures are being put in place to facilitate this change?

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