Badnells Compensation-We are not giving up

In 2010,your local LibDems presented a petition requesting some form of compensation for disruption caused to the lives of residents as a result of the Badnells Pit work.

The resulting response was disappointing and the council refused to offer any compensation. Increased traffic,excessive dust,almost constant noise deserve some form of recompense.

Local LibDem Ken Bull said, “We were not seeking great financial reward,just some form of recognition that local residents have been patient and accepting of all the disruption to their lives. ”

Your LibDems are not giving up and have presented a further plea to the council cabinet in February.

Ken has visited some of the residents to determine their current views on the matter. If you have any comments, points of view please do contact him at as soon as you can.

Badnells Compensation-We are not giving up

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