The damage a few irresponsible dog walkers do in this borough

While the majority of dog owners are responsible all the time, a small minority fail to always  keep ther pets under control.

Cllr Simon Werner, Leader of the LibDems said, “Dog fouling, with the mess left in our parks and streets,  is becoming an increasing problem.  Some local authorities take a very hard line with steeper fines that those levied by this borough.  Maybe it is time to see why the fines levied here are not stopping the dog fouling. ”

Cllr Simon Werner added  “It is not just a matter of getting the odd bit of mess on your shoes or the wheels of your pram.  Dog faeces can cause toxocariasis (which can lead to serious illness and blindness),  food poisoning and other diseases.  A caring council would be sending out  a strong message to a few irresponsible dog walkers saying Clear your dog’s mess up,  always.

An easy way of taking this stronger line would be to train the community wardens to be able to issue fines.  It would have been sensible for them to have  had the environmental protection training before they commenced their park ranger duties recently. “

The damage a few irresponsible dog walkers do in this borough

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