Larchfield Victory

A Community Centre for Larchfield was put back on track recently after three years of postponements by the Conservative Council.

Ther money is being made available because of a LibDem plan involving the Brunel Centre development.

Activist Glenys McGraw said,  “We now need to make sure it provides residents with the sort of facilities they actually want. That’s why we have been carrying out a survey in Larchfield and can reveal our findings so far. ”

“When asked what they would actually like to see a community centre provide, top of the list were organised activities and drop-in clubs for young people.”

“Also there was interest inthe centre hosting a coffee shop or even a community police centre. Social and learning activities for adults also proved popular ideas. ”

Whilst the current plans are not perfect LibDem campaigners now have got a much clearer picture of what the people of Larchfield want, which means we are a step closer to making the community facility that residents deserve a reality.”

Larchfield Victory

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