Cleaning Our Waterways

Local LibDems are campaigning for a greener Borough. Recently activist Adam Bermange joined volunteers from the Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group in a clean up of the York Stream in Braywick Park, just south of the town centre. Adam said, “After years of neglect Maidenhead’s ‘ town centre waterways were left in a terrible state.  It […]

A Parking Mad Decision

Despite warnings by LibDems that building a hotel with no public parking would be a recipe for chaos for resdients living nearby, the Conservatives led by Oldfield Councillor Derek Wilson voted to approve the plans. Now those living in Bell Street who are at times finding it impossible to park in their own road are […]

Larchfield Victory

A Community Centre for Larchfield was put back on track recently after three years of postponements by the Conservative Council. Ther money is being made available because of a LibDem plan involving the Brunel Centre development. Activist Glenys McGraw said,  “We now need to make sure it provides residents with the sort of facilities they […]

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