Springfield Road, Windsor, Residents’ Parking Consultation


Make sure you have your say on the introduction of residents parking charges in the Springfield Road area of Windsor. Following the approval of the massive new offices on Alma Road the Borough is now consulting introducing residents parking in Springfield Road and surrounding areas.

  • Consultation documents are being posted through the letter boxes of homes in this area now – so look out for them.
  • The consultation says it will be evaluated on a road by road basis. (1)
  • If you do not reply the Council will assume you are voting YES to the residents parking charges. (1)
  • Charges for residents’ permits will be £60 a year per household made up of £20 for your first car and £40 for your second car. (3) (1)
  • You will not be allowed more than two cars parked in the residents zone. (1)
  • The number of permits you are allowed will depend on the number of off street parking spaces you have. (1) Elsewhere in Windsor these off street spaces include garages, however there may be room for negotiation where spaces/garages are too small.
  • The Consultation document refers to “2hr/6hr/24hr” permits. (1) In the rest of Windsor the visitors permits of different durations are charged as follows – 25 x 2 hr permits (free), 50 x 6 hr permits (£1 each) and 50 x 24 hr permits (£2 each). (2)*
  • On this basis the full entitlement of permits and vouchers would cost £210 a year in total. In response to our FOI request the council included a link to these charges on their website, however we consider the inclusion of this reference in the consultation may be a drafting error in the consultation document as it is inconsistent with the proposed restrictions.
  • Commenting on a local internet forum one of the ward councillors has said “Prices would be 125 vouchers: 50 of them free, 75 of the at 50 pence each”. (5) (6)
  • On this basis the total cost to residents of permits and vouchers would be £97.50 a year.
  • In response to our Freedom of Information Request the council has advised us that no decisions have yet been made about the number or cost of visitors’ vouchers. (7)
  • Concessions apply for over 60s and disabled, considerably reducing the cost for those eligible.

Roads Affected Are As Follows:

  • Springfield Road (from Alma Road to Westmead) (1) (4)
  • Elm Road
  • College Crescent
  • York Road
  • Green Lane


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Springfield Road, Windsor, Residents’ Parking Consultation

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