The Lib Dem Scheme that keeps on giving

The Liberal Democrat scheme that forces developers to give money to pay for local schemes is paying out nearly £million on leisure projects – from landscaping and Green Way improvements to gym and changing room upgrades

The nine new projects are:

• Expansion of the BodyZone gym and changing rooms at Charters Leisure Centre – £195,000. This will provide more opportunities for local people to use the facilities and the project has been developed as a result of requests from local councillors and in consultation with Charters Recreation Trust and Charters School. Completion by mid 2013.
• Improved changing rooms at Larchfield Community Centre, Desborough Park Pavilion, including upgrading toilets and showers in keeping with the new community centre adjoining the existing pavilion – £90,000. Completion in October 2012.
• Improvements to Kidwells skate park, repainting the netball courts and more landscape improvements to the park – £175,000. Completion by spring 2013.
• Replacement play area and soft landscaping at Evenlode, Maidenhead – £125,000. The old play area will be removed as part of the major refurbishment of the Evenlode flats and a new play area installed by autumn 2013, subject to consultation with local residents.
• Proposed new play area on Allens Field, Ascot – £75,000. Completion by September 2013 subject to consultation.
• Improvements to the Green Way between Cookham and Bray – £45,000. Residents will have access to a more attractive and informative walking experience. Completion by April 2013.
• Landscape improvements to Windsor’s Thames Promenade – £45,000. This is the second phase of the recent installation of the replica Hurricane fighter plane in memory of its designer, Sir Sydney Camm. Completion by June 2013.
• Landscape improvements to Shifford Crescent play area, Maidenhead – £10,000. This will include a new footpath as a result of residents’ feedback to local councillors following the installation of the new play area. Completion by autumn 2012.
• Re-provision of squash courts in Windsor – a council commitment to pay £270,000 of section 106 funding to a community-based company approved to build new courts (re-providing the existing squash courts at Windsor Squash Club, subject to the developer’s approval).

The Lib Dem Scheme that keeps on giving

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