Calling Time on Winter Crime

“Burglars often take advantage of the nights getting darker earlier” Says Simon Werner,
“Especially as the clocks go back at the end of October. Here are some hints and
tips to keep the burglars at bay:”

Lock all doors and windows securely before you go out or to bed. If you have a UPVC
door make sure you double lock it
Prevent access to the rear of your property by locking your side gates. – Rear fencing should be high (1.8m) and consider planting prickly plants to deter intruders
Light the perimeter of your home. Consider installing dusk-to-dawn lighting, illuminating
front doors and driveways. It’s a cost-effective way to protect your home and can
ensure that unwanted visitors can be seen
Lock garages, sheds and garden tools and consider buying and fitting a motion-activated
shed alarm. A loud siren is sounded if the shed is targeted
Is there anyone at home? Use lighting timers and socket-based timers which can be
used with a lamp, radio or TV to give the impression that someone is at home
Alarm: If you have a burglar alarm please use it and if not consider installing one.

Calling Time on Winter Crime

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