Preparing for Snow

With Winter on its way and cold and snow threatening – it is important to make sure your car is prepared.

Simon Werner said, “Obviously it is better to not drive at all in the snow – but there is always a chance it will be nessasary so take action now. Here are a few pointers.

Whatever time of year it is a good idea to have the following in your car: a fully charged mobile phone and charger, sunglasses, first aid kit and road atlas or sat-nav.

During the winter it is also recommended to have: A blanket, rug or sleeping bag, shovel, ice scraper and de-icer, torch and batteries, snacks – chocolate or cereal bars and extra screenwash.

And if you have to make a journey when bad weather’s forecast:  a warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes, waterproofs, sturdy footwear and a flask of hot drink

Preparing for Snow

One thought on “Preparing for Snow

  1. Most impressed by your obvious concern for all of us residents during this winter time.
    It makes a nice change to go onto my email and read all the comments and good work you are doing-thanks greatly !

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