Stay Cool

With a heatwave forecast for this weekend residents should take precautions – and to watch out for older and more vulnerable residents during the extremely hot conditions.

The Met Office has issued a level 2 heatwave alert for the south east on Saturday and Sunday and rocketing temperatures could bring potential health issues, especially for the elderly and those less able to look after themselves.

Slapping on high protection sun cream is obvious but there are other precautions that can prevent heat related illnesses – and, of course, it’s really important to look out for older or vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours to make sure they are keeping cool and drinking plenty of water. Being a good neighbour in hot weather can make all the difference.

Who are most at risk?
Older people, especially those over 75
Babies and young children
People with serious long term illnesses
People on certain medication
People who already have a high temperature from an infection
People who misuse alcohol or take illicit drugs
People with mobility problems
People who are physically active, like manual workers and athletes

Top advice for being sun safe if outdoors for more than 20 minutes:
Wear sunblock with SPF 15 or above
Wear loose cotton clothing
Drink lots of cool drinks
Seek shade
Wear sunglasses and a hat
Look out for others

For members of the Muslim community who may be fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, it is important to balance food and fluid intake between fasts and especially to drink enough water. During hot weather, dehydration is a common and serious risk.

Dr Lise Llewellyn, Berkshire strategic director of public health, said, “Please drink lots of water or other fluids in this hot weather. Also make sure to check on others in your community who may be at greater risk.”

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Stay Cool

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