Pot Hole Purge

Clive Baskerville campaigning for the many pot holes to be filled

Following a large grant from the Government to help fix the roads in Maidenhead, Local Lib Dems are determined to make sure the pot holes around Pinkneys Green and Maidenhead are sorted out.
Clive Baskerville says, “This is our chance to get as many dealt with as possible. Can you email, write or phone us if you come across any potholes or problem pavements so that we can arrange for the council to have them repaired!”
Clive continues, “Some of our roads are in very poor condition, with large potholes and deteriorating road surfaces damaging our cars and bikes.”
“These poor conditions can lead to accidents, whilst some of our pavements not only cause problems for those who are less mobile, but they can also become treacherous in the snow and ice of winter.”

Pot Hole Purge

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