Prices Rise at Magnet

Prices have risen at the Magnet Leisure Centre with the sell-off to Parkwood by the council, despite promises that this would not happen.

Clive Baskerville, a former sportsman himself and a local sports reporter, said, “The Conservatives made promises that any increases would be less than inflation – these increases are significantly more.”

For instance, a new membership for a 75 year old is going up from £22 a month to £32 and for an 85 year old from £11 to £32 – that’s £252 a year more!

And for children it has gone up from £22 to £42 a month.

In December the Conservatives suddenly announced that after lengthy secret negotiations they were selling off the Borough’s leisure centres to Parkwood on a lease for up to twenty years.

It also turns out that the council – weeks before the hand over of the Magnet – was paying for new gym equipment and moving the cafe downstairs.

Clive Baskerville commented, “It is absurd that the council was paying towards the new equipment and the refurbishment – this should all have been paid for by the Parkwood.”

“These leisure centres are a jewel in the crown of the Borough. They are among the best run leisure centres in the country. The Conservatives were mad to sell them off.”

“It’s the secrecy and the misleading information provided by the Conservatives that upsets residents the most.”

Prices Rise at Magnet

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