Lib Dems launch ant-bullying campaign

Simon Werner signing the anti-bullying pledge

The Advertiser has highlighted concerns from residents (Viewpoint, 5 May) and staff (“Survey finds low morale among Council staff” and “I’m no bully, says, departing leader”, 5 May) about bullying at RBWM.  We are grateful to the Advertiser for exposing these allegations.
The Liberal Democrat Party exists to build a fair, free and open society.   Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe in democracy. Residents, staff and councillors should all feel free to contribute to our local democracy without fear of bullying or intimidation.  For democracy to operate for everyone, there can be no place for bullying at RBWM. Therefore we have invited all Borough Councillors to sign a personal commitment to ensuring that RBWM is free from bullying.
Contrary to common practice, the Borough’s Code of Conduct does not make any explicit commitments against bullying.  Our campaign to garner personal commitments from our elected representatives is needed to make a clear statement against bullying. We hope every Borough Councillor will sign.
The pledge reads
I pledge to do all that I can to ensure that no residents, officers or councillors are subjected to bullying at RBWM
Lib Dems launch ant-bullying campaign
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