Why the UK should remain in Europe

Lib Dems out campaigning in the European Referendum

Why  the UK should  remain in Europe:

 Jobs in our area are more secure with Britain remaining part of Europe -the world’s largest free trade area. It is so important that we do not turn our back on the opportunities and prosperity that being in Europe creates for future generations.

Peace We have benefited from years of peace in this country -now  is not a time to turn our backs on the rest of Europe leaving us isolated and side-lined.

Stronger together We are stronger if we work with other countries in the fight against the global problems that don’t stop at borders against  international crime and  fighting climate change.

By remaining in the EU we have all sorts of other perks such as:

Clean beaches

Lower mobile phone charges

The right to live and work and study in EU countries

Healthcare when we travel abroad

Cheaper airfares

Lower prices

The EU isn’t perfect, but neither are the UK Parliament or your local council! Both have a voting system that doesn’t reflect the majority of the votes cast and the House of Lords is unelected.

Why the UK should remain in Europe
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