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People have been joining the Liberal Democrats at the rate of one a minute since the referendum result was announced, with a sharp spike after Tim Farron declared that his party would go into the general election committed to restoring Britain’s place at the heart of Europe.

By Wednesday, over 10,000 people had signed up and numbers continue to rise. This includes many in Maidenhead where there was widespread frustration that despite Maidenhead voting to Remain, Britain now faces an uncertain future out of Europe.

People are shocked that Brexit leaders clearly had no plan and are understandably fearful of what awaits for jobs and investment. But even more than that, new members want Britain to remain an internationalist, open and optimistic country.

We must also reach out to those who voted Leave. They were lied to by Boris Johnston as Brexiteers already admit they won’t give the NHS an extra £350m a week, or of reduce immigration. Many voters were as angry with Westminster as Europe, understandably frustrated by the lack of re-training, social housing and school places.

The Conservative Party put a bomb under the British economy – destroying its reputation for economic competence – while Labour has embarked on civil war. At this time of national crisis only the Liberal Democrats are focused on how we should stabilise the British economy and improve the lives of people in Maidenhead.

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Help us build an open and optimistic country
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