In the wake of the referendum…

Antony Wood and George FusseyA huge thank you to all our members who were engaged actively in this referendum. We were out canvassing in the rain, we held camp in high streets and stations and we made a difference and, even though it might not seem like it, we won. The Royal Borough voted to Remain. The figures were Remain 44,086 to Leave 37,706. It wasn’t enough, but we are so proud that we got out there getting people engaged. For us that’s the British spirit, fighting for decent values no matter the odds. Getting our feet on the ground and walking round to people to get them talking.

Sal Brinton, the Liberal Democrats Federal President put it well:

“While we recognise that the British people have spoken, as Lib Dems we do not recognise the values held by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as being the values that truly define Britain.”

It’s also worth noting that both Councillor Dudley, the Leader of the council and Adam Afriyie our MP actively campaigned to leave. It just goes to show that our current elected officials are not representative of us and our values. In the Royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead the majority of us are part of the 48% of the country that did not want to leave. It is essential now that we hold our councillors and MP to task on this, they have been predictably quiet about the result but we don’t intend to let them forget it.

Thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democracts nationally since the referendum, with many joining new members locally.”. For years we have had the safety net of the EU, now we are out of that comfort zone, our elected officials will have much more scope to abuse their positions. So it is now vital we get involved and hold them to account.

If you are not a member already join us and then get active. There are so many ways to be help; canvassing, writing, organising, calling, the list goes on and on and as we have seen the smallest margins make the difference. There will be social activities taking place soon to welcome our new members so join and be the difference.

As Tim Farron has said this week:

“Our fight for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse and tolerant Britain is needed now more than ever.

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In the wake of the referendum…

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