A few days remain to keep us in the EU! 5 Things Local Liberal Democrats are doing to make a difference.

Local Lib Dems are stressing the importance of securing a positive vote to remain in the EU in the referendum on Thursday June 23.

Here are 5 things we are doing to make a difference right now.


Antony Wood

A team led by Antony Wood has been out leafleting and knocking on doors in various areas of Windsor with two clear messages. First, on a whole range of issues more is to be gained than lost by continuing to work with partners within the EU. These issues include protecting jobs, exports and our environment, and tackling crime and terrorism. Second, it is important that as many people as possible get out to vote.


Josephine Hanney

Josephine Hanney, an East Berks Lib Dem from Slough, published a letter in the Observer on Friday showing that remaining in the EU and working together was the best way to protect jobs and exports which, in turn, are so important in enabling the UK to fund vital public services such as the NHS.


#BigIN Hyde Park

The local Lib Dems recognise that many people have become fed up with slogans during the referendum campaign and would like to see more detailed information. Antony says:

“A guide from the European Movement provides a lot of useful information, and starts with a quiz that tests how much we already know about the issues.”

We recommend looking at it if you’d like to know more: http://euromove.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/EU-Basics_Euromove_WEB.pdf


Catherine Bearder MEP

Antony also praised the work of Catherine Bearder, the Lib Dem Member of the European Parliament, who recently won the Green Ribbon Political Award recognising her outstanding environmental achievements in fighting for stronger European targets to tackle air pollution. Catherine’s work highlights the benefits of working together in Europe to tackle problems such as pollution that do not stop at national borders. You can find out more about Catherine’s campaigns and why we should remain in the EU from her website: http://www.bearder.eu/


Indian Liberal Democrats

Amarjeet Bhamra, a local Lib Dem campaigner, has designed a graphic to highlight the Lib Dem belief that it is better if we vote to remain IN the EU.

A week ago the Lib Dem party leadership wrote to thank all the Lib Dem campaigners for so enthusiastically campaigning in support of the UK remaining in the EU:

“It’s fantastic to see so many of our members enthusiastically supporting the #INtogether campaign in their communities across the UK. Let’s step up the fight in these last two weeks to ensure that we get out the vote and secure the referendum result that Britain needs”.

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A few days remain to keep us in the EU! 5 Things Local Liberal Democrats are doing to make a difference.

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