Borough Local Plan Disaster

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Plans by the Borough Conservatives to build on the green belt without the necessary infrastructure improvements are continuing despite public opposition from residents and over 30 local community groups.

This plan will build on our local green belt without providing any truly affordable housing on these sites, without sorting out many of the highways issues that this increase in traffic will cause and without providing plans for increasing the availability of schools or health facilities.

Many residents feel that our roads, schools, and health facilities will grind to a halt if this goes ahead, with no benefit to our young people who are desperately trying to buy or rent at affordable levels.

The plan is now being consulted on again but the council are trying to limit the comments they receive. However, we have found out that any comments given will be seen by the independent inspectors, so it is definitely worth making your voice heard.

Some of the areas where the council has failed that are particularly worth mentioning are:
•No detailed infrastructure plan outlining how the council will deal with the pinch points in the road infrastructure.
•No Green Belt review has been carried out to identify where there are, if any, suitable green belt sites.
•Not enough provision has been made for employment. The plan proposes to build on employment areas, without providing alternative sites for the businesses operating there.
•Failure to work with others including: local neighbourhood planning groups, resident associations, parish councils, neighbouring authorities and with the general public though poor consultations.

A copy of the draft Borough Local Plan can be downloaded here:

There are several ways to respond to the consultation.
•Via email

Please don’t leave it to others to complain – they may be leaving it to you!

Borough Local Plan Disaster

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