CCTV Saved by Lib Dems

Ten months ago, the Conservatives put forward proposals to cut 30 CCTV cameras across the Borough and to stop the cameras being monitored
24 hours a day.

The council declared that no CCTV camera had been switched off despite evidence showing that seven of them had already been.

Cllr Simon Werner’s campaign forced them not only to admit they had been misleading the public, but also made sure the cameras were switched back on.

Now, ten months later, after a robust campaign by local Lib Dems, the Conservatives have reversed their plans and not only are the cameras staying on permanently but they will be monitored 24 hours a day.

Simon Werner said, “I received a lot of abuse from the Conservatives over this before they were exposed for misleading the public.

“But saving CCTV in the Borough makes it all worth it!”

CCTV Saved by Lib Dems

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