Joshua Reynolds Selected as Lib Dem General Election Candidate

Maidenhead-born Joshua won over a packed hustings on 12th September, with his vision for the future and commitment to engage with the constituency’s younger voters.

As yet, Joshua doesn’t know whether he’ll be looking to unseat the Prime Minister, Theresa May, or keep her successor out of Westminster; either way, he’s ready for the fight. He has already negotiated a sabbatical from his degree course at Cardiff Metropolitan University should an election be called, and is prepared for a long postponement when he is elected.

Joshua says, “I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidenhead. To represent the people of Maidenhead and its surrounding villages would be a fantastic privilege, and I know that with the hard work and determination of our local Liberal Democrats, we can and will make it a reality.”

Joshua’s vision for the future

In a ten-minute speech, followed by questions, Joshua outlined his priorities, which include:

  • Putting environment innovation right at the top of the agenda locally and nationally, so that the UK becomes a beacon for the world when it comes to green responsibility.
  • Opposing the expansion of selective education and highlighting the achievements of our local comprehensives.
  • Helping our local council to deliver truly affordable housing whilst protecting the green belt.

Speaking after the event, Joshua said, “I’m looking forward to engaging with voters young and old who are disillusioned with Tory austerity and infighting, and Labour’s muddled approach to Brexit.”

Congratulations from former candidates

Tony Hill, the Lib Dem candidate in the past three elections, chose not to take part in the selection process this time. Tony, who attended the meeting and was one of the first to congratulate Joshua, said, “As the former head teacher of Furze Platt Senior School, I’m delighted to be handing over to one of its ex-pupils. Joshua was a huge help to me on the campaign trail in 2017, and I can’t wait to return the favour.”

Also in attendance at the meeting was another former parliamentary candidate, Kathy Newbound, who came within just over 3,000 votes of winning the 2001 election. She said, “Joshua is a hard-working and well-liked member of the local party. He has a firm grasp of the issues facing residents in the Maidenhead area, and will make an excellent candidate.”

Joshua Reynolds Selected as Lib Dem General Election Candidate

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