Do We Need to Spend over £5 million on Agency Staff?

LibDems were shocked to find out that, according to latest figures, over £5 million is being spent by the Tories on outside staff being engaged on agency terms.

Cllr Simon Werner LibDem Group Leader said:

“It is crazy for the council to pay this sort of money to outside people. The council surely has enough staff to avoid paying agencies. That’s the way of saving taxpayers massive amounts of money.”

“The Tories talk constantly about lean management. Yet if, at the same time, they are hiring more and more temps, where are any savings to the taxpayer?”

“It is nonsense for a council of this size to be spending this sort of money on outsiders. This ought to form the basis of substantial potential savings rather than cutting front line services like the creche at the leisure centre.”

Do We Need to Spend over £5 million on Agency Staff?

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